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Customer knowledge is the cornerstone of marketing today. If you do not have the right information from your customers, you cannot have a successful strategy and plan for sales. This is much more important than most sellers think.

Today, customers have a variety of options for choosing products and services. If you put your advantage only on the price, you will have a hard time because customers have other needs and expectations from you, besides the reasonable price. Therefore, knowing their needs can help you build customer loyalty by Buy Real Organic Traffic.

Answer the following simple but important questions to understand the needs of your customers:

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Do you sell directly to people? Find out their age, gender, occupation, family history. If you are selling your product or service to other businesses, pay attention to the type of business they have and the extent of it. For example, are they a private company or an international company?

Paying attention to this information will help you target your right customers well. Be curious about customers.

What do they do?

If so, what are their interests and what are they doing? If they are businesses, pay attention to this issue, what is the achievement they are really looking for? How can you get to know your customers other than looking for their interests and desires?

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Knowing why a customer buys a product or service will make it easier to match the benefits of the product or service to their needs.

If you are there for the customer when he needs you, you will dramatically increase your chances of selling. Availability increases your chances of selling more. They need to know how to buy from you. How can they answer their questions before buying? You cannot expect a customer to buy until you gain their trust.

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For example, some people prefer to shop online, but some are more inclined to shop in person. Have you made it possible for both groups to shop?

What makes them feel good when shopping?

If you know what they are looking for to meet their needs and how they are feeling, you can do well to provide the services they want. Every action we take is to achieve a special feeling in life. See what customers need to buy or buy from you?

What do they expect from you?

For example, they expect you to send goods on time or have good support or more elegant packaging. So do not disappoint them.

What do they think of you?

If you can create a good image of yourself in the audience, they will love you more, buy more from you and come back to you. If the customer is satisfied with you, in addition to buying from you, he will easily become an advertiser for you without your request and will recommend your business to others.

What do they think of your competitors?

If you know how your customers view your competitors, you will have more opportunities to improve your business. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business, but you also need to be aware of what your competitors are doing in your job market.

Deep knowledge of buyers reduces customer acquisition costs and increases revenue.

But how do we get to know our customers better?

Understand the importance of the customer experience: Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to better understand them and examine the type of experience you give them. How many ways are you available to customers? Examples include email, advertising, social media, email, websites, exhibitions, polls, clubs, and customer service. Analyze every part of the customer experience (before, during and after the purchase) to see where they may leave you because they do not feel satisfied.

Ask your customers for feedback: Positive and negative feedback from customers lets you see what they really want. Who knows better than the customers themselves what is attractive about your product or service or needs to change? When you ask your customers, you realize how important their feedback is to your business progress.

Always be available: face-to-face communication is on the decline today. Many people like to sit at home or work and shop. But at the same time, they like to have their questions answered online before they buy. Use online tools like chat for 24-hour access. This way, you can quickly inform customers about all business news, such as discounts and new products.

Communicate with customers emotionally: According to Gallup , a reputable statistical institute, customers who connect with the business can increase revenue by 23%. Customer engagement occurs when you capture their emotions.

Hold a conference: Hold an event so your customers can meet. Also participate in exhibitions related to your business and interact with customers face to face.

Customer need is the motivation that motivates him to buy a product or service. In fact, need is the focus of a customer’s purchasing decision. An example of a customer needs to happen every day around 12:00 pm, when they are hungry (need) and decide to buy lunch. Food quality, restaurant location, service delivery time and price are all factors that a person pays attention to to meet their needs.

Common Needs of a Customer

Performance: Customers need your product or service to meet their needs, so it must act to meet that need. What you think is pleasing to you may be very different from what he really wants. In sales and marketing, work on information, not speculation.

Price: The product should be offered according to the financial capacity of customers. If a price is considered lower or higher than usual, it is either out of their financial capacity or they carry it on low quality and undesirable. So do the pricing according to the position of the financial customers.

Convenience: Your product or service should be a convenient and convenient solution to what your customers are trying to solve.

Assurance: The product or service must act as advertised and introduced to the customer. The product or service must work properly for the customer to achieve their goals.

Empathy: When customers connect with you, they seek help and empathy. From pricing to terms of service and contract duration, they expect to be treated fairly.

Transparency: Customers expect the company they are dealing with to have a clear policy, from service to pricing principles, to product returns.

Support: Customers need to feel supported in the transaction from start to finish and beyond. Customer relationship should not end with sales. Customers need to be able to access your service and support team.

Increase options: Put options in front of the customer to make him ready to buy. Give him more freedom in shopping by offering more products, subscriptions and different payment methods.

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If you can match what you offer with the ability to pay customers, you will have better sales. Selling expensive products for low-paying customers reduces the percentage of sales. On the other hand, lower than usual pricing creates the impression in the customer that your product is not of the required quality and reduces purchases. As a salesperson, you need to buy website traffic Links to an external site. and consider your customers’ ability to pay.



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